The Best Way To Resolve Conflict And Live Happily

Lot of people has this MAJOR crisis for sure. Same goes to me. But, the truth is, we can't run to have a conflict or crisis even with our parents! Belief me.. Nowadays, there are no people that really happy with their life.. Also same with me again..

Ok, I don't want to jump into the CONCLUSION. Many people might think there are a lot of solution to live happy..For example, I've found an article with the picture the way to strive to be happy...

First : HAVE FUN...
This is the best way, for me have fun is one way of solution that really help us to live happily BUT, until when we are going to enjoy and have fun? this life is more than just have a fun. I don't think FUN can help people to gain the happiness forever.. FUN is different with HAPPY.. fun is just for temporary while happy is for permanent. So the conclusion from step no 1 can be used only 30 percent..

yes!!! many English quote that shows to us, If we did good things to others, for sure people will do a good things to us.. But, is this quote is practical nowadays? the answer is : I DON'T THINK SO!!!... why? this is because I've tried to make sure myself didn't hurt others but other people are always hurt me and make me as a douche bag if they have a problems and the most important thing, this is happen to me! Plus, if we do something good to others, they will step on our head? Is this my only perception OR the truth? you judge by yourself and I have my own opinion.

emm, this might be the best solution...(just for others) and for sure not for me.. I believe we can just ignore any defeat and strive to be happy... but, I'm not going to do that because that will show that I'm a chicken. Sometimes I'll consider to just ignore that but I can't do it again and again because I don't want anybody to step on my head and make me look stupid... and the most important thing, I hate people that pretending to be nice in front of me while actually he/she defeating me in a silent way...I'm so sick with that.

as simple as this, we do what we want and ignore someone else except they are trying to give a good and acceptable advices. simple.

so I'm still trying to find a good solution in life....peace yaww >,<

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