A trip to night Safari

Boys...boys...boys....yup boys day out. haha. boys only ya... we're visiting the Night Safari and oppsss....before that, im going there with my friends from kedah matriculation. yeah thats maybe our last meet before going back to the university. That is Harman Wabbit, Eee, Piji The Besh and Wanbo the Assasin.

Just wanna say that the trip was fun. totally!!. hope to see u again guys and there's some pictures that will remain fresh in our memories.

4 Responses
  1. cubaan comment pertama..

  2. Aliff Says:

    best nyer korang kat sane....nk ikot jugakkk...hihihi

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ape pasal aku x nmpak pon gmbar wanbo dgn gmba ko dlm pic neh? ajaib nehh.huhuh

    - dari acap saptriasa yg mls sign ni blogger.com -

  4. Ezul Najwan Says:

    gambar wanbo??? oh mmg la x boleh nampak. haha

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