A Month

Its been a month and Im glad. A month for what? guess what? tik tok tik tok...tettttt. Its been a month for my industrial training a.k.a practical. Happy Annimonthsary (pon boleh)!!! Haha saja buat gempak poyo sikit. Yeah dh sebulan kat sini and guess what? tinggal sebulan je lagi nak habis. Oh damnn seriously cant wait for another month. Oh my dear time please fly faster. Lolzz

Gambar bawah ni masa first day. **bajet muka suci yg xboleh blah tu** 
Hello Im Mr.Nerdy Birdy

Frankly speaking mmg best and fun bila involve dlm real industry and become part of industry people. But im in R&D department, so its kinda bored sometime since u kena rajin baca journal, patent and bored experment that requires u to wait for couples of hours. Tapi bila masuk plant, im the happiest and the most energatic one **energeticlah sangat**. haha

Oh ya...almost forget. Semalam tengah rest pon boleh terfikir nk buat apa dan souvenier apa nak bagi kat supervisor dan engineers kat department ni. See? nampak sangat tak sabar nak habis praktical kans?

Ok lah. Till then. Bye and happy fasting ~_~ Ramadhan Karim

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