Dinner At San Francisco

Hi guyz. Saje gatal nk share ngan u all sumer. Mlm td i ada night dinner with my family at San Francisco. Actually my family and i wanna celebrate my sister for her PMR result. She got 7A but B for Science and Bahasa Arab. Anyway...her result is much more better than me. Shhhhh!!!!!

Haha...sorry for that very low quality of picture. Actually i x sempat nk snap bnyk picture coz my camera had problem with battery. Low Battery la...ape lg.

4 Responses
  1. Asyraf Says:

    tu la lain kali tngkap gmbar pkai phone aku.haha

  2. zulfelipe Says:

    itu la pasal....erm brape ko nk tolak phone ko tuh kt aku??

  3. zulfelipe Says:

    seratus jer??? murah nyer.....

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