It's Birdy

Hey all, Assalamualaikum. Tengah buat apa tu? Ada benda nk story-mory sikit ni, I've just come back from Tesko Semenyih, buying some groceries and toiletries  . Ada satu benda yg saya suka dan excited sangat nak pergi Tesko ni, guess what? 

Tadaaaa....It's COOL BLOG baby. I truly, Madly in Love with this. Flavor? Chocolate & Blue Coral forever and ever. It a big big big no ! No ! No , no way! Yup, its a big and very huge NO! to Vanilla Flavor. Yukssss. Back to main point, oh panjangnya introduction LOL. 

Want to ask something, did you ever meet this guy? or accidently bump into him? If you say YES, you might be one of the luckiest person, i might say

What? Xkenal? Ok nvm. His name is Birdy, I myself donno what is his real name but nvm since he call himself "BIRDY" 

Who was him? He is one of the famous Youtube Most Talented Person, I might say. For me, he was so special and vary talented person in hair styling. He can do a lot of style and most of them are 'anime' style. To be frank, I do admire him and downloaded many of his video's. I keep trying to follow his steps-by-steps hair tutorial and believe it or not? I have my own hair dryer and hair straightener. OMG semangat gila kan?

Here, I wanna share with you guys one of his videos :

Awesome right? No? I don't care if you say NO, for me it was TOTALLY AWESOME.
Till then, see ya later XD

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