Proton Revolution

Proton has unveiled their concept cars in the ongoing Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) here in Kuala Lumpur. These line-ups of concept cars are called the Pahlawan concepts. Each cars are named with the name of the famous Malays warriors of Malacca namely Tuah, Jebat, Lekiu, Kasturi and Lekir.

Tuah is rumoured to be the replacement of Proton Persona. It is also known to be as Persona R. R for replacement perhaps. Tuah looks a lot more elegant and more compact than the current Proton Persona. I think this will be selling like hot cakes!

Jebat is the modified version of the current Proton Inspira.

Kasturi is the modified version of the new facelifted Proton Saga. Looks ugly tho..

Lekir is the modified version of Lotus Europa. It is assumed that this will be the cheapest sports car if the selling of this is materialized.

Lekiu is a SUV concept car which will be Proton's first SUV. Looks alot like Exora tho...
Prior to KLIMS, Proton has also introduced facelifted version of Proton Saga at the Thailand International Motorshow. Below is the image of the new Proton Saga and the old one (The new facelifted Proton Saga is one the left).

Above is the new facelifted Proton Saga unveiled at the Thailand International Motor Show recently.
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  1. lepas ni tak payah pening2 nak pilih kereta yang affordable and nampak mewah....

  2. Ezul Najwan Says:

    yeah...thats right!!!
    sokonglah buatan Malaysia

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